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Professional Roof and Exterior Cleaning Services
Serving Florida Since 1992

Beautify and protect your roof with the safe and trusted Mallard Cleaning System

Is your roof getting taken over by ugly black streaks and patches of mold, mildew and algae? We offer the highest quality roof cleaning solution to quickly prepare your home for any situation that may arise:

  • You received a “clean your roof” warning from your HOA
  • You want to dramatically improve your curb appeal
  • You’re putting your home on the market
  • You are tired of your home looking 10 years older than it really is
  • You want to delay the expense of having to purchase a new roof

You want your home to look its best, and your roof is one of the first things people see when they drive by. Whether you have a shingle, tile or metal roof, our proprietary, one-of-a-kind roof cleaning system quickly and safely rejuvenates your roof. With just one visit, our roof cleaning technicians will make your roof spotless that day, as well as years later.

Our Spot Free Guarantee will protect you and your roof for 5 years from the date of the initial roof cleaning. We will come back as needed at no additional charge to eliminate any new spots that show up within 2 years of the cleaning. Following this, you will receive pro-rated coverage for the next 3 years on any touch-up services that are required, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting long-lasting value.

Over 22 years and 70,000 roofs cleaned using the Mallard Cleaning System

Mallard systems roof cleaning technicians use a low pressure spray to clean your roof.

Mallard Services cleans over 3,000 roofs each year using a low-pressure shingle and tile roof cleaning process that has been scientifically optimized since we began our business in 1992. It is important to note that professional cleaning is a critical component of the recommended maintenance program designed to maximize the lifespan of your roof. Roofs should be inspected twice a year for debris, algae and other anomalies that can be harmful to your roof.

We also make your home and landscaping health a priority by taking every precaution to protect your property throughout the roof cleaning process. This includes using protective barriers that prevent cleaning solution runoff from hitting your plants and delicate property features. We also use an efficient process that allows us to complete your cleaning fast, so your plants experience as little stress as possible. We complete a detailed home pre-inspection form before your service, so we get a detailed look at the condition of your property and pinpoint any special considerations before we begin. If your landscaping or property is harmed during our cleaning services, we’ll repair the damage. No questions asked. That’s our Plant and Property Protection Guarantee - A Mallard System original not offered by other vendors!

How does shingle and tile roof cleaning protect your home value?

The black areas staining your roof are actually live algae and bacteria feeding, growing and spreading. These algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) can damage your roof and force you to replace your roof sooner than you expected. Over time, seemingly innocent dirt can cost you thousands of dollars in leaks, interior damage and repairs. Our shingle and tile roof cleaning system prevents the destructive growth of algae and bacteria to keep your home value at its highest.

Roof algae and bacteria might not just affect your home value. It can also hurt your health. The algae and bacteria taking over your roof can go airborne and spread – not just to other roofs, but into the air that you breathe every day. Airborne contaminants can cause discomfort, particularly if you have asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions.

Don’t live with an unhealthy roof. Find out exactly what is causing those ugly spots to spread across your roof and what it takes to get rid of them. Get your FREE consultation today and protect your roof before it requires a costly replacement!

See the roof cleaning system we perfected over 20 years

Other companies that offer roof cleaning push alternative approaches, techniques and cleaning solutions that simply do no provide the results of Mallard Systems. These competing methods may take weeks to work, use damaging high pressure or simply not remove all of the mold and algae from your roof. We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting a fast, effective system that leaves you with the best looking roof without the damage other companies, one-man “businesses” and inexperienced handymen leave behind.

See why our “Duck Sauce” is our secret ingredient

Mallard Systems roof cleaning technicians apply a specially formulated, proprietary cleaning solution known as our “Duck Sauce.” This spray includes powerful ingredients that whisk away the germs and grime on your roof:

  • Low concentration sodium hypochlorite (active ingredient in chlorine bleach and other cleaning solutions)
  • Cleaning surfactant (common ingredient in all types of soaps)
  • Algaecide/fungicide (prevents algae, fungus and mold from returning to your roof)

Low is the only way to go

High-pressure spraying (greater than 1,000 psi) can damage your shingles and tiles. Excessive water pressure blasts away the granules on shingles, weakening them and causing premature leaks. On tile roofs, high-pressure water spraying strips the coatings. High-pressure spraying also means more walking on the roof, increasing the risk of tiles being dislodged or cracked. Mallard roof cleaning technicians use only low-pressure spraying to remove roof buildup without causing costly damage.

Our professional team gives you quality results you can trust

At Mallard Systems, we focus not only on the results, but on the process as well. Our cleaning crews consist of two Mallard technicians who have been fully trained in the latest industry standards. We are fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we stand behind all of our work. During your roof cleaning, our technicians follow a detailed process to ensure you get the cleanest roof possible without hurting your plants, pets, or paint. That includes your written pre-inspection report on your roof.

See how great our roof cleaning services can make you feel when you drive up to your home. Thousands of homeowners trust our experienced professionals to clean, repair and protect their roofs every year. Reach out to us for a FREE Estimate to see how easy it is to get the fresh, clean home look that makes it stand out on your block!