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Contact Us. 1-877-382-5620

Brighten and Protect Your Property with Expert Commercial Pressure Washing and Sanitization

Your curb appeal is either attracting or repulsing your customers, or your tenants and their prospective customers. When your property looks good, your customers know the business within values quality. Our commercial pressure washing and sanitization services give your property the clean, fresh look that makes the positive first impression you want by eliminating the following types of eyesores degrading your curb appeal:

  • Mold
  • Algae Buildup
  • Dirt and Grease
  • Bird & Insect Debris
  • Chewing Gum
  • Irrigation Rust

Your nearby commercial pressure washing and sanitation company, our expertise in commercial high-pressure washing alternatives, such as our proprietary low-pressure chemical cleaning and sanitizing, keeps your property like new year-round. Contact us today for a custom quote on the commercial pressure washing and sanitization cost for your property.

Commercial Pressure Washing and Sanitization Orlando Businesses Trust

We built our reputation on our specialized commercial exterior cleaning and sanitation services. We deliver the best results through a combination of a damage-free cleaning process, specialized cleaning products, and a professionally trained team to deliver the best results. Our cleaning and sanitation specialists use the best cleaning practices and solutions, including the low-pressure application of our proprietary cleaner known as our “Duck Sauce.”

That’s why commercial property managers, business owners, hotels, banks, schools, and medical facilities have relied on us to maintain the beauty of their properties and maximize the long-term value of their assets for the last 30 plus years.

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See How We Stack Up Against the Competition

We're so confident you'll love our services we went ahead and compared what we do to other pressure washing businesses near you.

See the Difference

What to Look for in a Commercial Exterior Cleaning Company:

  • A fully licensed, reliable team
  • Dependable service quality guarantees
  • A gentle, proprietary process that's safe for plants and property
  • Decades of commercial cleaning experience
  • Commercial Roof and Exterior Cleaning from the Mallard Systems Experts
  • Commercial Roof and Exterior Cleaning from the Mallard Systems Experts
  • Commercial Roof and Exterior Cleaning from the Mallard Systems Experts
  • Commercial Roof and Exterior Cleaning from the Mallard Systems Experts
  • Commercial Roof and Exterior Cleaning from the Mallard Systems Experts

Total Property Maintenance Commercial Pressure Washing and Sanitization Solutions

Our fully trained and insured teams of cleaning specialists work off hours, overnights, and on weekends to minimize any potential disruption to your business from exterior cleaning.

Our all-inclusive cleaning and sanitation program solves all your commercial pressure washing exterior cleaning needs.

  • Heavy foot traffic areas built-up grime degreasing 
  • Stained concrete commercial pressure washing and sanitization
  • Exterior walls and signage restorative cleaning  
  • Irrigation rust removal from building exterior
  • Gum removal via hot water pressure washing 
  • Cobwebs and insect nests removal and cleaning
  • Cloudy window cleaning with a spotless finish
  • Shingle, tile, and metal roof low-pressure cleaning & restoration 

Our powerful, low-pressure chemical cleaning and sanitation solutions transform your commercial property while going gentle on its delicate surfaces and surrounding plants. No matter your needs, our comprehensive commercial pressure washing cleaning programs keep all areas of your property spotless and welcoming, so you can focus on running a thriving business.


A Professional Partner Committed To You

We understand how challenging scheduling and coordination of commercial cleaning projects can be when you’re trying to run a business. That’s why we’ve invested in our own internal infrastructure, so that we can provide the best possible service to clients like you. Our office features a dedicated administrative staff to take your calls, schedule your service, and address any of your property’s needs. With a focus on effective communication and execution, our detailed project plans, recordkeeping, and CRM software system makes sure none of your commercial pressure washing and sanitization needs slip through the cracks.

Unsure of which services your property needs to look it’s best? As your partner, we take a consultative approach with you. Our project managers and supervisors will review your commercial property and make customized service recommendations and the priority of each, since some may need to be addressed immediately while others can be delayed until you’re ready.


We Work Around Your Business Hours

Our objective is to complete your commercial pressure washing and sanitization service with little to no impact on your tenants and clients. Unlike other commercial pressure washing companies, we perform our cleaning and maintenance services when it’s most convenient for you, not us. Our fully licensed and trained team work by your preferred cleaning timeframes and schedule services well in advance.

Not many other commercial pressure washing and sanitation businesses will work around your hours. At Mallard, it’s our hallmark, no matter if it requires us to work nights, weekends, or other hours. Click here to find out what our clients love most about our experienced commercial pressure washing prices and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What precautions will be put in place to protect the landscaping around the community? Will your firm replace any plants that are compromised and/or destroyed?

    Each Mallard crew consists of two team members. One team member will water extensively before, during, and after the cleaning and sanitizing takes place. We will also tarp any plants in the drip line of an un-guttered section. All downspouts will be bagged to collect the cleaning solution during cleaning and sanitizing. There is the potential for plants to get stressed during the cleaning and sanitizing process. If there are any plants killed during the cleaning process, Mallard will pay to have these plants replaced.

"Thank you again!"

– Satisfied Client, REMAX