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How Much Does Exterior House Washing and Sanitizing Cost?

The cost of exterior house washing and sanitizing is significantly less than re-siding or repainting your home. The average cost of hiring a house power washing company is between $250-$1000, but what you pay will be determined by the size and scope of work to be completed.

Exterior House Washing and Sanitizing Brightens and Refreshes Your Orlando Home

Our professional exterior house washing and sanitizing services safely strip away the dirt, insect activity, and other debris building up on the outside of your home. We use the best exterior home cleaning and sanitization systems, cleaning solutions, and equipment to keep your home looking great months after cleaning and sanitization. 

Mallard Systems Exterior House Washing Solutions

  • Dirt and algae removal from exterior walls, soffits, and fascia
  • Spider webs, spider eggs, and mud dauber nest elimination
  • Inside and out gutter cleaning
  • Exterior window cleaning

We’ve been cleaning and sanitizing the outside of homes for over 30 years. We understand how to pinpoint the places dirt, fungus, algae, and mildew like to hide and breed. Because we know where to look to eliminate these problem areas, we effectively keep your home looking its best for longer.

Complete Exterior House Cleaning Services
Why pay to repaint your home if an exterior home washing and sanitizing gets you transformative results like this for less?

Get the Best-Looking Home on the Block!

Our comprehensive exterior house cleaning and sanitizing services wash away dirt and mildew to reveal the beauty of your home. 

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Exterior Cleaning and Sanitizing Prevents Your Home’s Premature Deterioration

Our exterior house washing and sanitizing service doesn’t just keep your home’s exterior looking incredible. It keeps it safe. If the exterior of your home is not regularly cleaned, sanitized, and maintained, the contaminated or stained surfaces become breeding grounds for algae, moss, and bacteria. In addition to hurting the aesthetic appeal of your home, this growth can lead to premature deterioration and the premature replacement of siding, windows, and gutters.

Why Choose Mallard to Wash and Sanitize the Exterior of Your House?

Our cleaning and sanitizing specialists make the condition of your home’s exterior our main priority. We take the time to make sure it’s cleaned correctly. Unlike other house power washing companies who hurry their pressure-washing services, trample your plants, and miss the corners where dirt really hides, we deliver quality exterior home cleaning and sanitizing that never harms your paint or your landscape. That’s our Plant and Property Protection Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to clean the outside of a house? View Answer Hide Answer

How much you pay for roof cleaning in Orlando depends on the size of your roof and the extent of cleaning to be done. Contact us for a free estimate.

Who has the best exterior house washing services near me? View Answer Hide Answer

You won’t find our proprietary “Duck Sauce” cleaning solution and expert soft-washing technique anywhere else in or around Orlando. Trust the experts at Mallard to deliver the best exterior house washing services near you.

What can I use to clean the exterior of my house? View Answer Hide Answer

While you certainly can clean the exterior of your house, there is an amount of expertise that goes into cleaning it effectively and preventing the future growth of mold, mildew, and algae. Trust our proprietary cleaning solution and technique here at Mallard to get the job done right.

How can I clean my house without a pressure washer? View Answer Hide Answer

Scrubbing the exterior of your house is tedious, difficult, and can be dangerous, it’s best left to the professionals. Get all of your exterior house washing service needs met by the expert team here at Mallard.

"Thank you for a job well done. "

– Vito, Longwood