Is High Pressure Cleaning Bad?

High-pressure washing involves hitting a surface with water that is pressurized at 1000 pounds per square inch (PSI) up to greater than 3000 PSI. Blasting away at any surface without care using such high pressures can cause significant damage to a roof, exterior, or even a concrete surface.

For shingle roof cleaning – very bad. For tile roof cleaning – not good. For other cleaning applications – it depends.

If you look closely at a concrete walkway or surface that has been pressure washed you can see the surface damage that can result. Additionally, high pressure washing of shingle roofs will result in the granules of the shingles being blasted off and the roof integrity being compromised.

Whereas an inexperienced person can cause thousands of dollars of damage with a high-pressure washer, in the hands of an experienced cleaning technician high-pressure washing can be a very effective solution for cleaning some surfaces. In a controlled environment pressure washers can be used to physically remove debris from an exterior surface or walkway that is being cleaned. It is best to use pressure washers not exceeding 1000 PSI and to keep them a good distance away from the surface being cleaned.

Pressure washing, when used as supplement to chemical cleaning, can be very effective for walkways, driveways, pool cages, and some debris removal on exteriors. High-pressure washing should not be used for roof cleaning.

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